Who you are matters.

What you do matters.

What and who you love matters.

Your weirdness matters.

It is so easy in this culture to lose track of your own authentic voice, your feelings, your gifts and deepest desires. Your unique sense of meaning and service to the world.

To neglect your Sacred Eccentricity

Without this juicy spark, too often you feel weary, angry, indecisive, dried up, self-critical, or overwhelmed.

Anne Peek imageI would love to create a safe space for you to listen and connect with that sacred voice within you (and all the divine help around you) that understands who you are at your core and what you need to fill your life with meaning and purpose. The messages that can lead you step by step through the challenges in your life.

I invite you to contact me for a short Email Reading, a full Tarot Session, an Intuitive Weaving Session or any of my other offerings.

Tarot is a sacred tool — ancient, multicultural and psychologically complex and astute. When explored with intuition and imagination, tarot can show you in striking images what you need to know to move forward on your path. These one-on-one tarot sessions allow you the opportunity to pause in your busy life, consider your questions and current challenges in a loving atmosphere, and then with my guidance together we seek YOUR answers to your questions. The Intuitive Weaving session is a longer session in which we explore your questions using several intuitive and expressive tools in addition to tarot. Read more about these here.

To follow our eccentric heart we have to be quiet enough and open enough to sense what it is asking of us. Rituals and Celebrations allow us to connect with ourselves, our friends and family, the earth and our sense of the sacred. From time to time I facilitate rituals and celebrations or teach how you can create your own.

Another great way to reconnect with your inner truth and joy is to gather in circle or retreat with others for personal discovery and expression. Check here to see what circles, retreats or group fun I am currently facilitating.

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Do look over my offerings on this website and see what appeals to you most in this moment and let me know.

My wish for you is that you remember the sacred knowledge you were born with: how to live as a graceful eccentric. A graceful eccentric is one who responds to the messages of his/her Inner Voice, resulting in a life that, though it has ups and downs, clarity and confusion, it is also filled with love and compassion for self, others and all Creation, quirky fun (aka joyful creativity), and some oddity (for spice).

Come tell me a little more >>

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One to One Intuitive Guidance with Tarot

Tarot is not for “telling fortunes” but for helping us actively find the fortunes we seek. Together let’s explore your concerns with intuition and imagination for a fresh, wise perspective consistent with your inner truth.

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Rituals and

Take a break from your busy life to rest in circle, and become more deeply connected with yourself, your friends and family, the earth, and your sense of the sacred. Refresh yourself with meaningful ceremony, bringing reverence, gratitude and healing into holidays, personal milestones and everyday life.

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Circles, Retreats and Other Group Fun

Gathering with others in circles or retreat times of personal discovery and expression are FUN, supportive and stimulating ways to connect with your inner truth, joy and will. Ways to honor your own eccentricity and that of others.

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Fruit and Death

Fruit and Death

October 16th, 2020

Autumn Haiku  Sprawled on sunny ground Crunchy leaves and dusty grass Scent of fruit and death  AEP 10/9/20 Fruit and death. The scent of autumn, and what comes to mind as I clear out the house we’ve lived in for nearly 30 years. Finding things long forgotten, savoring the memories, letting so many treasures go. Filled with grief for the passing and gratitude for the abundance. Not just discarding beloved things, but also markers of who we’ve been as a family, and who I’ve been—law{ Read more...}

“Anne Peek has a warm, colorful, confidence-inspiring presence.  She is intuitively insightful and respectful of the integrity of those she works with, as well as being deeply knowledgeable about Tarot. Part of her authority comes from the fact that she has followed and lived out the guidance she herself has gotten. Besides, being with her is fun!”


(Susan Deborah King, poet)


“When I think of Anne Peek, I am flooded with thoughts of warmth, kindness, and a sense of joy that fills my heart. There is always an adventure waiting around the next corner. Anne’s skill has guided my spiritual endeavors in many ways over the years.  Her guidance through movement, ritual, and discovery provoked new ways of looking at myself in a deep, meaningful manner. I’ve used lessons from Anne to motivate and enhance my middle school students, providing them with light and enriching opportunities. She has truly left an imprint that will continue to grow.“


(Nancy Schwartz, artist and teacher)