Find anything to avoid tax prep.

Have you heard about six word memoirs?

The idea is to challenge yourself to write your biography, or a significant piece of it, in just six words. The classic example of this is attributed in literary legend to Ernest Hemingway:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I first became aware of this idea maybe five years ago, but since then it’s apparently become a spiralsPhenomenon, spawning websites (,, and many more), numerous books (, contests, and lots of media attention, including youtube videos. And the concept has broadened to finding six words to describe all kinds of specific life experiences.

There are more than 800,00 examples on the site, written by all kinds of folks.

Until I came to write this blog I didn’t know the idea had taken off so much (and if this is terribly old news to you, I apologize). I’m not surprised though because it is a fun challenge. It’s thrilling to capture the essence of an experience in a few words that feel just right (yes, there is a writing nerd alive and well within me).

Especially exciting if the words just pop full-blown into my head, as these did back years ago:

She finally threw away the manual.


No box to fit. Leap free!

(Still leaping out of boxes and trying to avoid rule books even now.)

Here’s one that applies to the last year or two:

Cats died. Frolicking with art again.

And a couple others currently swirling in my life right now:

Will I ever get to Scotland?

Workouts and vegetables: a rebellious journey.

I’m afraid they are a bit addictive to write (for me, anyway).

Lots of marvelous examples at the website above and at others you will find if you google “six word memoirs.”

If the challenge interests you, do try it yourself and share your six word memoirs in the comments.

Doesn’t it make a nice change from doing your taxes?