Our lives and hearts are so full right now, for so many reasons, personal, global and seasonal.

I prepare for holiday celebrations, but my heart has few words. It craves solitude, silence and stillness. Between errands and phone calls I stare at the Christmas tree.

Xmas tree

As we approach the longest night of the year, I offer these words by Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

Prayer for Remembering Where to Stand in the Winds


Creator, please let me not

be a weather vane

turning and jerking

this way and that

whenever the wind blows,

allowing me no rest

for long, in any direction.


Creator, let me be blessed

instead, to be


the old lighthouse keep

who stays and stays

under the wide sky

and with the long view,…


Please help me be the old one

who cleans the glass daily,

stokes the fire beacon nightly,

and no matter how winds blow,

the Light I’ve tended,

will steadily flow

over the tempest waters,

and no matter how winds blow,

the Light I’ve tended,

will steadily flow

over the calms.


May your holidays be joyous and nourishing.

May you tend your light with gentle care. (I’d love to hear how you are doing this, if you are willing to share.)


If you want to see a short video showing the rising sun on the winter solstice entering Newgrange, the 5000 year old passage tomb in Ireland, click here.

I have found laughter helps keep my inner light shining.  For a chuckle, here are some amusing winners in  the “Comedy Wildlife Photography” Awards.