Feeling calm, content, hopeful, thankful and ready to celebrate the New Year?

Me neither.

Well, I am full of gratitude for family, friends, the fascinating earth we live on, and many, many blessings.

But I’ve also been tired, emotional, physically under par, and a bit spacey. I assume from navigating the unknown, unexpected, and constantly shifting energies we find ourselves in these days. (I’m wondering if  words like “plan” and “expect” will fade out of the language in the next few years.)

So I can’t seem to put together coherent thoughts for a blog post right now. But as humor always helps me find a bigger and more nourishing perspective, I thought I’d share a few old cartoons with you this month. May they make you smile and lighten any loads you carry.

Aftermath of Christmas/Other Holidays Department:

For those of you who got new clothes as gifts, you may appreciate this one:

New Year’s Resolution Department:

This one represents my typical filing system, something I periodically think I ought to resolve to change (but never do):

New Year’s Eve Festivities Department:

As holiday celebrations continue, right now I resonate with this one:

May you freely frolic and chuckle during this holiday time-out before 2017 begins.

Happy New Year!