A writer whose mind swam in fog,

Was endlessly scribbling her blog.

Ideas were few,

And nothing felt new,

So she quit, and went out for some grog.


She tried once again the next morn,

But still nothing real could be born.

Words wouldn’t come,

Her brain stuck with gum?

Her frustrated heart filled with scorn.


So she tinkered with limericks instead,

Thinking playfulness might clear her head.

It had been a long time

Since she’d made silly rhyme,

Was relieved that her mind wasn’t dead!

(And she hopes they’ll amuse when they’re read.)




A tree green and lush in its crown,

Stares out with a powerful frown.

“This land is a wonder!

Not something to plunder!

All Earth is a verb, not a noun!”





A fairy with curls, looking stern,

Speaks a lesson she wants us to learn:

“Mother Earth needs our caring,

Her magic’s still flaring,

Match Her love with your own, let it burn!”





What is the limerick of your life today?