I am posting this blog on the new moon, the day after the midterm elections. We begin two new cycles–lunar and political–yet much has not changed.

I found helpful today the wisdom in this poem by Carrie Newcomer so I thought I’d pass it on.

Revolution the Day After

Revolution is not a single event. 

     Revolution is finding True North
and walking toward it.
Knowing that you will be walking for a very long while,
Or always,
Because the process of arrival
At the most precious destinations
Because bringing in a better world
Will take more than your one lifetime.

     Revolution is traveling light,
Leaving what’s dead weight
By the side of the road,
Like hate,
The least effective form of resistance,
That by it’s very nature expands
and gets heavier,
Like slow drying cement,
In the chambers of the heart.

     Revolution is holding close
all you love,
all you believe in,
all you hope for,
Everything that actually matters,
Because you’re going to get tired
and discouraged
and angry
and wander off course in sorrow
or doubt

And you’re going to need

All you’ve gathered in,
Embraced and endured
Because it is what you love
Not what you hate
That will keep reminding you to
Look up,
Search the sky
Get a bead on something improbable
Shining and unstoppable
and keep walking.