Playtime for a Full Heart

Life has been intense lately. Amidst the dark and cold and holiday hullabaloo (and provoking world and national news), many people I love are going through very tough experiences right now.  So I decided to give my sore heart a break with a little playtime. The result is the writing below and the drawing, both of which gave me a much-needed chuckle. I hope you get a chuckle out of them, too.


Counting Change


One is the loneliest number

One-act play

One day

I won one!

Hard one


Won over

One after another

One a day

One by one

Won by one

One left?


Two heads are better than one

It takes two to tango

Two by two

Two left feet

To where?

To dream

To ache

Can I have two?

Tea for two

Too much?

Two choices

Me too!


Three’s a crowd

Third wheel

Bad luck comes in threes

Third time’s the charm

Three coins in the fountain

Three wishes

What’s the third thing?

Three-legged stool

Seeing in 3D


“Four eyes”

On four legs

Four-poster bed

It’s a four-door

What for?

For a song

For a lark

For a laugh

For spite

For a change

For heavens’ sake!

For or against?



Four way stop.


Did you find the four numbers hidden in the drawing?




  1. Anne, very fun. I have always loved hidden pictures. Your were not easy to find. Ill start looking for more happiness and laughter in the darkness.

    • Anne Peek

      Great idea Nancy!

  2. Anne
    I loved the whimsy-and of course I looked for the numbers right away!
    Thank you for sharing your delight in the world- it is infectious

    • Anne Peek

      Happy you had fun, Mary!

  3. Hi Anne,
    I didn’t know you were such a great too ! I couldn’t find the 4.

    • Anne Peek

      Glad you enjoyed it Mary! (The 4 is in dark brown)


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