I’m hanging in a wordless space, even as I write these words.

Recently home from a family trip on the Oregon coast for the holidays, I’m savoring all I saw and heard there: my family, of course; and also blustery winds and rain; thundering waves; squawking seabirds; towers of sand; and fairy woodlands, waterfalls dashing amidst stones and trees adorned with moss, lichen and teeny mushrooms.

People I love are still facing serious health crises and I’m silently holding them in my heart.

Yesterday I gathered with friends as in creative silence we asked our personal dreams for 2019 to appear on vision boards.

The visual storyteller Maira Kalman, when asked about her love of museums, spoke of the peace in “just wandering and looking…I think we have the opportunity to understand silence around us, and really looking all the time.  There’s always the opportunity. And there’s never a lack of things to look at, and there’s never a lack of time not to talk.”

Looking and not talking. Yes, I’ve been in this space and do not want to leave it. So this month I offer a few pictures for you to look at and ponder if you choose, with some white space around them…


































(The entire “On Being” interview with Kalman, sent to me by a dear friend, is fabulous and can be found HERE.)