I’ve just returned home from several enchanted days on Lake Superior. My greedy mind — muted for awhile by movement, story, song, beauty, affection, and silence — now wants to read mail, catch up on national news, make necessary appointments, resume tasks set aside, write an insightful blog.

Wants to pierce my delicate inner spaciousness.

Wants to ignore the dark of the moon; how a familiar, but mysterious, aura approaches, as the darkness and cold of late fall ushers in Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead/All Souls Day.

I am not willing to abandon this place of embodied enchantment. Life swirls around me, and it will continue to do so, making demands, throwing at me welcome and unwelcome surprises. Yet I believe I can remain response-able to the outer world, while also holding enough space and silence within to feel that I belong to a rich, wondrous and many-layered universe.

(Maybe that’s the only way I can remain powerfully response-able to the outer world.)

So instead of more words I share a few seasonal photos, some from my time up north. May they provide a little pause in your day, a little beauty, a little humor, perhaps, or a little magic.

(Just click on a photo if you want to see a bigger version.)



Wise crones (made by woman in the area) surrounded by stones and wood from Lake Superior





What are you noticing and appreciating these days?  When was the last time you felt boundless, vast?  Or thrilled by mystery?  How did this happen?

If you live where late October looks and feels nothing like it does here, how does it feel?