Seldom is tarot a subject of this blog, but today, as we enter our third month of pandemic, I felt it was time to find out what advice the tarot has for us right now. So I composed questions, opened my intuitive doorway, and let my hand choose cards from within my tarot basket of three decks mixed together. I was surprised (and not surprised) by the results. Here are the questions, the cards and my interpretations.


What do we need most to pay attention to now?

2 of Air, Gaian Tarot: We need to regularly get away from the noise of screens and media, away from our daily routines, go outside, and get quiet and still. Listen for messages from the birds, from all of nature, and from inside our own hearts. To make our daily choices from a place of calm balance. To discover how we can help by staying receptive to what our soul and Gaia is trying to tell us.




How can we most easily navigate our personal lives at this time?

3 of Water, Gaian Tarot: Remember to play! Notice what gives us joy, what makes us deeply happy, and do more of it, and then share that joy with others in as many ways as we can. Stay connected with those who we truly treasure. Notice where abundance is found in our lives, and remember to be grateful and generous. Discover how energizing it is to shower others with love and gratitude.




What would be best for us to let go of now?  

Two cards jumped into my hand here, both with a similar message:

4 of Water, Gaian Tarot: Let go of trying to figure things out and predict the future, especially alone. Also important not to let our personal wellsprings of energy run low; we need to replenish ourselves regularly.

9 of Fire, Osho Zen Tarot/Exhaustion: Let go of trying to keep everything together, getting wrapped up in looking good and being productive. Trying to keep chaos and spontaneity at bay will only make us anxious and wear us out.


How can we best serve society’s evolution at this time?

The Sun, World Spirit Tarot: The greatest support to society’s evolution right now is summoning our enthusiasm, inner strength and vitality, and sharing that personal radiance with others. If we can rediscover our childlike innocence, imagination and sense of belonging to a conscious, magical world it will help us visualize, and eventually, create the more heart-centered world we all long for. Pessimism and fear are not helpful, but excitement, imagination, humor and creativity are highly contagious too. (So if we feel a bit thin on those qualities, connecting with others who have them will boost our own. As well as following the suggestions given by the previous cards.)


I was a bit surprised that such a consistent theme showed up among all the cards, and that it was so internal. So I pulled one more card, from the no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Tarot of the Crone. She reinforced our theme, though in slightly darker language.

What does Crone want us to know? 

4 of Cups, Tarot of the Crone/Isolation: You are in a period of darkness and feeling disconnected and isolated. Before you can re-join the social whirl, you need to learn more about who you are, how you got to this place and what you truly need. The deck’s creator says of this card, “When you are all you have, you’ve got to embrace yourself.”



My sense is that this reading speaks to the current moment, and perhaps for the next few weeks, though the wisdom of the Sun, as one of the Major Arcana cards, is probably relevant far longer.

I welcome your impressions and comments. What messages are you hearing from your heart or from the birds?