I’m feeling tired and oddly amorphous these days. Coherent thought, linear planning—even “soft” planning—is elusive. I’m trying to be patient as I dance with physical challenges and house clearing that feels endless. Yet most of the time I also feel grounded, supported and positive.



The election results certainly hold some light, even if only the first glimmers in our divided land.




Meanwhile, the virus is running rampant.








And it’s hard not to have some fear about the coming months (or years).





Yet surreal as it sometimes feels, I believe there are eggs of new life hidden in the shallows.



Perhaps the best we can do is pay attention as the next months play out, and consider how we might help,




                                                                                                            never forgetting our own power.



I intend to continue to allow my myriad emotions to run,







to feed myself with breath and rest,
with loving connection with friends and strangers alike,






to nourish myself with color,

and to remember that this cultural transformation is so much bigger than our individual lives,



embedded as it is in forces larger than we understand.


How are you doing? What soul food is helping you stay balanced amidst the chaos?