The pleasant shifts in the air I felt a couple weeks ago seem to have fled in recent days. Quite patient until now, today I’m tired of pandemic precautions. Longing for travel. Tired of winter. Maybe I am undone because the vaccine and the increasing sunlight tantalize, yet are just out of reach.

I’m feeling murky. Both listless and restless, and emotionally flat. Not bored—my days are full—but blank: uninspired and uninspiring. Wordless.

So this month I offer to you what has amused me today. Feeling pale and dry, I am revisiting some old intuitive paintings of mine (all from 2014), undersea scenes full of color. Their weirdness is cheering me up and bringing a little relief to my shapelessness.

May they cheer you, too, no matter your emotional landscape.

(If you click on them, you will see a larger and sharper image.)

Under the Sea



Friend in Unexpected Places











I know my emotional/intellectual weather will continue to shift. A rest from my recent intense activity and from the seductions of the internet will certainly help. But weirdness, water and color are also invariably healing for me.

How are you feeling these days? What helps you keep those feelings moving?