Stuck at home for a year now I know

That I kinda’ like movin’ real slow,

While I’m glad to resume

Chats that are not on Zoom

I’ll persist with my easy new flow.


My baby brother and me with Mom, 1957




Oh, I hope we dare gather and play

And yet still keep the virus at bay,

Stuck at home for a year now

Social time is so dear now

Hugs and kisses—are they here to stay?




Yes, I know what will give my heart wing,

What I most want the next months to bring,

As we finally emerge

From a year like a dirge,

I so yearn for a rousing group SING!



I don’t care if it’s car, plane or ship

I just want to depart on a trip

If I do not soon travel

Yep I fear I’ll unravel

Change of scene and I’ll get back my zip!

(So I’m making my plans at a clip!)


What are you planning to keep or toss once you can venture back out into the world?

(I could say a lot more on the subject myself, but mostly it can’t be said via limerick.) Until then, playful writing and art-making are keeping me calm and amused.

What is keeping you calm and amused these days, as you wait for spring to really take hold?