Last May, when we were three months into the pandemic, I did a reading to see what advice the tarot had for us at that time. I reread that blog post today, and was surprised to find that it still feels relevant and true today. (You can read that post here.)

Yet I was curious to see what the cards would recommend now, a year later, as the pandemic has eased and we are beginning to emerge from our isolation. So, asking the same questions as before, I let my intuition/hand choose cards from within my basket of three tarot decks mixed together. Then, because I did so last year, I also asked the Crone (from Tarot of the Crone) what she had to say. And I also pulled a card from my newest deck. Here are the questions, the cards and my interpretations.


What do we need to pay attention to now?

5 of Water: Clinging to the Past, Osho Zen Tarot: It’s important to remember that the past is gone and can’t be repeated; you can’t go back to “normal” even if you wanted to. (Clinging to the past makes you a “blockhead.”) Grieving what you’ve lost will give you the space to notice what is emerging now, so you can use your energy to support what you value. Yet it is not helpful either to focus only on the future, as that can rob you of your power and joy in the choices made in every moment. 





How can we most easily navigate our personal lives at this time?

Ace of Water, Gaian TarotThis is a card of birth and new beginnings, depicting young and newly-hatched salmon amidst eggs in a stream. You are in a time of new beginnings, too, as you emerge from pandemic isolation. The pandemic pause has helped you see that some things in your life are precious and some need to change. Yet exactly how that will look may not be clear yet. It is important for you to be “young” for awhile, to explore your new surroundings with curiosity, and be willing to be surprised. Follow your heart’s desire, trust your intuition and follow the flow of the stream that beckons. Even if you leave the crowd behind—your path is unique.


What would be best for us to let go of now?

IX Aloneness, Osho Zen Tarot: It is time to let go of the idea that you are alone in the Universe. Release the lie that people of other races, ethnicities, religions, genders, or abilities are unrelated to you. Let go of the idea that the vast nonhuman world is trivial or exists to serve you. It is time to stop doubting the intelligence of the Universe.

At the same time, it would be helpful to release any aversion you have to being alone; if you haven’t already, it is time to develop your inner strength, intuition and voice so that you will not be easily swayed by the opinions and actions of others,




How can we best serve society’s evolution at this time?

4 of Fire, Gaian Tarot:  Now is a good time to marshal your personal power and connect with your visions, set intentions and follow through in a mindful way. Just as this woman has created a sacred ritual grounded under the moon and stars, you can recharge by inviting the energy of the earth to rise through your feet, allowing divine energy to infuse you from above, and letting them meet in your heart. Thus connected with Universal energies, you are a powerful force for needed creative change. You are more powerful than the mainstream culture wants you to know.



What does Crone want us to know?

19 Sun, Tarot of the Crone:  It is okay to be happy, no matter what’s going on around you. Whatever deep desires you have left behind or felt you could not have, it’s time to seek them. The joy you radiate lightens us all.  And we need this light now, amidst all the conflict energy in the air.




What does the Gentle Tarot want us to know?

Seed of Cups, The Gentle TarotThe otter is a good animal to emulate these days—playful, enthusiastic, curious. You can’t go wrong being as loving, compassionate, intuitive and playful as you can. Make a heart connection with those you meet. Be willing to look foolish–lighten up and sparkle with enthusiasm.



I welcome your impressions and comments. What are you sensing about these questions?

Do you agree that the reading from last year continues to ring true?