The past month has not been easy.







There have been deaths to grieve, and minor health issues to deal with.








And the winter weather hasn’t helped.





Nor has the political climate.





Plans have gone awry.





So my flexibility (and letting go) muscles have had a workout.




What’s helped me is to slow down, meditate or rest (or draw).





And to talk with my friends and family about what’s important to us, even if only on zoom.




Especially when we find, and share our joy.






I’m trying to remember we’re in a transformational process so much bigger than me, a process longer than my lifetime, or even my kids’ lifetimes.






I do trust (and notice) there are seeds of a new paradigm gestating.





And the sun is literally returning, and green will emerge!

Blessings of Imbolc/Candlemas/St.Brigit’s Day/Lunar New Year to you!



What have you noticed this month?





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