I’m angry. You know why. I bet you’re angry too. Plenty of reasons in the news, and more every day.

Hard NOT to be angry about something these days.

My anger is deep. Feels centuries old. I think it IS centuries old.

At times my fury creates hostile, venomous fantasies against the cabal that wants to control everyone that isn’t just like them.

But I know the arc of history is long, and I trust that Love and Life are rugged and will ultimately be more firmly supported than before. I see that the responses to reactionary policies are more powerful and multifaceted than I have ever seen before. This rush to dominate us all is a desperate attempt to stop the unstoppable.

Yet the suffering (and the insufferable) is real, and anger is appropriate. But I don’t want to intensify the poison in the air. Spewing malice is self-indulgence that doesn’t create what I want to see.  

So what do I do with my anger right now?  While wrestling with this question, I decided to ask the cards. I share my questions and my interpretation here. Perhaps they will be useful to you. (Click on the photos to see larger, CLEARER versions of the cards.)


How can I use my anger (and disgust and weariness) to fuel positive change?


7 of Fire, Osho Zen Tarot: Keep pointing out what is not viable or life-giving, what is simply desperation: pop all the balloons that hold up the toxic culture. Don’t wear yourself out, it’s not all up to you; join with others so that no one burns out. Remember that you aren’t in charge, and that Spirit is watching and working too.

4 of Swords, World Spirit Tarot: Take significant breaks from all media, especially social media. Rest your mind, let your thoughts clear. Know your limitations, and give yourself time to heal with rest, sleep, time in nature. Nourish yourself with beauty. And most of all, connect with Spirit, in order to ease your fear, increase your trust and receive guidance.

15 Devil, Tarot of the Crone:  Don’t let your anger eat you alive. Notice how much your fear, hate and pain are trauma responses, and dive deeply within to excavate and heal old wounds that sap your energy for the future. Then embody your truth and give yourself plenty of space and time—without the distraction of outside voices—and create from that place.


Where does the greatest power of The Feminine lie now?


1 The Magician, Gaian Tarot: The Feminine is connected with the heartbeat of the earth, sensitive to the needs and gifts of all of nature, creativity, and the Life Force. She is able to bridge the worlds of Spirit and Earth and can connect with energies outside the ordinary (“magic”). The Feminine’s inherent power is to support life, and She needs to step into it now because all of her gifts are desperately needed. Through focused will, skill and action She can help usher in a brighter future.

Knight of Fire, Osho Zen Tarot: The Feminine is stirred up and offended, and that anger, if channelled appropriately, can fuel change. The arrow-like intensity shown here is bound to be successful, as long as the focus is on creating what calls from the soul’s depths, powerful because it is thoroughly responsive to the requirements of the present moment. Thus it cuts through distortions caused by lies and manipulation through fear and hopelessness.

9 of Swords, Tarot of the Crone: The Feminine knows her own truth, says what She means and does what She says. She will defend what She sees as the truth, but in a balanced way, because She knows that truth can have many facets. This flexible solidity is also needed at this time.

I found this exercise helpful, and I also know that this is just the beginning of an ongoing exploration. As I mentioned in one of my recent newsletters, my blogs may not continue to follow a monthly rhythm, and I sense that another blog (or two?) related to this topic may be coming your way before too long.

I would love to hear your thoughts on if/how your anger can move us forward in these times.


(Click on any photo to see a larger, clearer version.)