I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. I loved the food, the emphasis on gratitude and harvest, and the gathering with family and/or friends during a time of increasing cold and darkness. I never believed or highlighted the national myth around the holiday in these gatherings. But as the truth of the colonizing of this country becomes clearer to me, as I appreciate more deeply why Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning for many native groups, I have become conflicted.

(One reliable source, among others, for info on this from a Native perspective is here.)

In any case, I know most of the country will be gathering this weekend for a feast. So I decided to ask the cards the following question:

This holiday weekend, where should we put our energy for our highest good?  Here are the cards I pulled and my interpretation:

Witch of Swords—Tarot of the Crone: Discernment is important: create a holiday gathering (or not) that is true to your values and vision and those of your family/friends, while also honoring the needs of your physical bodies (re food and energy output).  You need not follow custom or the expectations of others.

King of Rainbows/Abundance—Osho Zen Tarot: Remember and honor with gratitude the physical abundance all around you—earth’s wonders, loved ones, shelter, food.  And also the abundance and wholeness within you and others: enjoy the sensual pleasures in the food, for example, and also your spiritual/heart connection of love and gratitude for your loved ones.  Let go of conventional ways of behaving when they—as is typical—reflect an oversimplified understanding of people.

I hope you have a lovely celebration, whatever you do! Thank you for your presence here, and for the warmth you radiate into the world.