This month I offer a collaged bouquet of flowers (since real ones are not here yet) and a little wordplay, on a cool rainy day at the new moon…




Can we catch his attention?

He’s quite a catch!

Did you catch those last words he said?

YOU answer him!—words catch in my throat.


Can I possibly catch his eye?

I can’t catch a ball,

freak out about catching a mouse,

All I seem to catch is a cold.


Catch my drift?


Is there time to catch the last show?

Wait, slow down!—I’ll never catch up!


I see the catchword for the year is Curiosity.

Will it catch on?

I hope it catches fire!


I so love that catchy tune,

About catching a falling star…

But where’s the catch?


What have you been playing with lately? I’d love to hear…