I’m still living this jumble of a summer, but taking time to pop in to share some of my recent earth offerings. May they nourish you as much as they have nourished me.

This one was made the weekend of my birthday, in gratitude for life and family. The following day I added a few pink begonia highlights.


At the end of July while I was up at the North Shore I made the most complex one yet, dedicated in love to Lake Superior, to the cabin where we stayed, and to Mother Earth. This one took me longer to complete than any other I have made so far—more than two hours, including the gathering of plants. So long that some of the flowers had wilted before I could lay them out. And for the first time a bee shared my flowers—I actually placed one flower in place as the bee busied herself in it.  

This large altar blew completely off the rock before the day was over.







Today’s offering was in gratitude for the beauty of flowers, even domesticated and faded ones, and for sweet friends who gave me the bouquet these flowers came from.


Tonite I see it has been battered a bit by the wind, but I love how it has sprinkled the lawn with yellow and bright green.

These offerings give me so much joy. I suppose because they allow me to merge my intuition, my love and gratitude, and the beauty of the earth. And to let creativity fill me up. Yet I am not bereft when they blow away or fade into the ground; it just feels right to let Mother Earth absorb them as She will. 


Wishing for you serenity and creativity, color and joy. And lots of flowers.