An explosion of green!  That’s what we are immersed in right now, the plants burgeoning as we emerge from two weeks of heavy rain. And on the first day with sun, waiting buds exclaimed into bloom. It feels especially jungly (and a bit overwhelming)—after three years of drought we forgot how lush this time of year used to be.

A lot more weeding needed in the garden, too, I’ve noticed.

still growing amid and behind darkness

I’m not complaining; watching the exuberance of nature soothes my nervous system amid the atrocities and craziness reported on the news. Aren’t there studies showing that gazing at nature’s green enhances health? What about the deliciousness of the sight and scent of lilac and peony?


But with all that is swirling right now in the outside world, my inner world and my daily life, I don’t have more words to offer you. But perhaps some color and line might be soothing to you as it is to me?

In honor of our verdant landscape, and summer solstice, which is fast approaching, I offer some art that reflects that energy. Most of my art depicts the life force in some way, but I have chosen pieces that feel the most like the extravagance of this Minnesota June.