When the news only adds to her shock
And no comfort can come from more talk
So she won’t feel just grim
—to recover her vim—
She will play on the sidewalk with chalk!

To avoid being tossed to and fro
Chasing feelings wherever they go
She will search out a door
To remember her core
In her play, joy and color ease woe 


instead of a scream and a squawk
to obtain the high, sharp view of hawk
maybe pause, breathe and grab colored chalk?

(not that it changes the world crises, but to pause and gather strength for meaningful response)


Some chalk play over the last couple weeks on my driveway and sidewalk, in the order they were created (the face above was in the second batch). I like to think I got better at it over time…


















I love how the drawing reflects the shapes and lines of the nature around it…













How are you centering and nourishing yourself to prepare for action during these shocking/infuriating/heartbreaking times?  I’d love to hear.