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About Anne Peek - My MissionMy Mission:

I seek to hold a loving, yet stimulating space, in which people can appreciate their wholeness, by connecting with their deepest heart and intuition, with the wisdom and beauty of their bodies, with the Earth and the Life Force all around them, and with the Divine (whatever that means to them).

I seek to help people understand the power of paradox: the joy and wisdom in their pain, the patterns within their chaos, the truth and possibility in their deepest longings.

I seek to help people dare to express as fully as possible their unique creative Self, their Sacred Eccentricity, in order to most joyfully and effectively serve themselves and the world.

I seek to model the wisdom and healing power of laughter, music, play, color and pleasure.

My Background:

I grew up among the prairie, woods and water of Grey Cloud Island, a small community on the backwaters of the Mississippi at the edge of the Twin Cities.  Hours spent observing, singing, swimming and playing with my brothers in this natural landscape attuned me to the cycles and sacred voice of the earth. Later I earned a BA in psychology from Carleton College and went on to obtain a law degree from the University of Minnesota.

About Anne Peek - Meet Me

After a successful twelve-year law career (which I lightened up by also working as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant) I retired from law in 1991 to follow a deeper calling. Over the years I have explored a variety of experiences which together helped me rediscover my passions and talents and embrace my eccentricity.  Among them were voice lessons; bodywork; dancing, Sacred Theater with Peggy Rubin; memoir writing; simple expressive arts; tarot study and intensive classes in intuitive development. In 2003 I completed a three year training in sacred circlework facilitation with Dr. Jalaja Bonheim in New York. In 2002 I received a Master’s Degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, where I concentrated on spiritual development and everyday ritual, and a year later I joined the faculty as adjunct professor and graduate student advisor. I developed classes there in creating ritual to celebrate life and teaching a mind/body/spirit approach to conflict resolution.

A lifelong intuitive listener, I have also facilitated groups in personal and spiritual development, movement, and ritual. And I love to travel, write, sing, dance, paint, collage and play.  I have been married for more than thirty years and have two grown children.

Of all the people I have worked with over the years in different capacities, Anne has proven herself to be a compassionate and empathetic listener.  Her ability to connect with her clients and their needs leads to consistently life-changing results.

Leslie Shore, author, Listen to Succeed

What’s New?

Anne on the radio

Listen to me talk about "Graceful Eccentricity, Intuition and Tarot" on the radio (about 15 minutes).  Here is the link.  My portion begins about 33 minutes in.

Reflections and news

My reflections and news contain personal reflections, poems, photos, quotations, a bit of my artwork, links to things I love, and news and information about my intuitive guidance practice.


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Wanna Color? Some Meditative Fun

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Welcome to Whisperings

Whisperings Water Image“There is a place where words are born of silence,
A place where the whispers of the heart arise.”

— Rumi

I will ponder here what whispers to me in the silence.  I’d love for you to whisper back; maybe we will all get clearer—or maybe, like in the old kids’ game of “telephone” we will end up somewhere else entirely (which would be fun too)

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