You are a wonder.

Ferns ImageYou are whole, wise and loving.
Filled with passion and joy.
And also holding struggles, contradictions and questions unique to you.

Your life is pretty good.  But you know it could be more than that—more vibrant, more juicy. Not so full of weariness, anger, worry, indecision and self-judgment. A little more loving.  And a little more fun.

Is it possible you are trying too hard to “follow the rules,” trying to be a “good parent” or “valued employee,” trying to heed all the conflicting advice from “experts” screaming at you every day about every question and challenge in your life?

Listening to everyone but yourself?

If you are someone who:

  • is open and curious about life’s unexpected possibilities;
  • wants to live an authentic life as consistent as possible with your deepest core values and longings;
  • knows that the more we live joyfully true to our deeper nature the more love and light we radiate in the world; and
  • wants to be in service to the world, mindful and intentional, but also loves to laugh, create and play;

Home_Anne_Beach_WebI would be honored to serve you as your intuitive guide. I am not another “expert” telling you what to do.  I provide an opportunity and environment and show you some useful tools for you to try, and I walk beside you with compassion and humor as you practice listening and heeding your own truths. Some of these opportunities include one on one sessions of Intuitive Guidance with Tarot, Intuitive Weaving sessions and various Circles, Retreats, and Other Group Fun from time to time.  Read about these here.

Please contact me with questions or suggestions about how else I could facilitate the joyous expression of your inherent Beauty and Mastery.


An act of pure attention, if you are capable of it, will bring its own answer.

                                                                      –D.H. Lawrence

“Anne Peek is an amazing and attentive guide.  I have enjoyed deep insight, wisdom and the positive energy to pursue those things that come to light during our sessions. She has a lightness of spirit, enjoys getting to know her clients, and is very present and attentive in her listening.  I found her style to be relaxing and easy, I felt like I was talking with an old friend.  I found my experience to be positive and uplifting.”

(Denise Bunch, yoga instructor, Moon Lily Yoga)

What’s New?

Anne on the radio

Listen to me talk about "Graceful Eccentricity, Intuition and Tarot" on the radio (about 15 minutes).  Here is the link.  My portion begins about 33 minutes in.

Reflections and news

My reflections and news contain personal reflections, poems, photos, quotations, a bit of my artwork, links to things I love, and news and information about my intuitive guidance practice.


Shelter in the Wind: November reflections and news

Illusion/Disillusion: October reflections and news

Seeking Equilibrium: September reflections and news

Beyond Either/Or: late August reflections and news

Replenish: August reflections and news

A Lot to Hold: July reflections and news

Weird: June reflections and news

Frizzle Sizzle Singing: May reflections and news

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Welcome to Whisperings

Whisperings Water Image“There is a place where words are born of silence,
A place where the whispers of the heart arise.”

— Rumi

I will ponder here what whispers to me in the silence.  I’d love for you to whisper back; maybe we will all get clearer—or maybe, like in the old kids’ game of “telephone” we will end up somewhere else entirely (which would be fun too)

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