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This is how some of those who have worked with me describe the experience:

“I have taken a ritual class from Anne, gone to a weekend women’s circle retreat which she co-facilitated, and have attended numerous retreats where she facilitated the music / movement / dance part of the retreat. She is playful, joyous, full of laughter, inspiring, and so much fun to be with.  What she shares is such a unique blend of who she is along with a great depth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of life, spirituality, growth, and relationships. I would highly recommend anything she offers.”

Wendy Anderson, yoga instructor


“Anne Peek is personable, deep-hearted, filled with authenticity and integrity, mixed in with a passionate smile and twinkling eyes!  Information that you receive from Anne will stay with you forever…..”

Linda Lundquist, teacher and healer


“Anne Peek has a warm, colorful, confidence-inspiring presence.  She is intuitively insightful and respectful of the integrity of those she works with, as well as being deeply knowledgeable about Tarot. Part of her authority comes from the fact that she has followed and lived out the guidance she herself has gotten. Besides, being with her is fun!”

Susan Deborah King, poet


“Anne is a ‘bright light’ full of wisdom and creativity and I appreciate her kind heart and gentle way of sharing her intuition and knowledge with others.  I gain so much from her readings and I highly recommend making time to connect with her in the near future.”

Jill Goux, Reiki Master, Joyful Living Studios


“Anne Peek is such an open and affirming spiritual leader, it is difficult to be specific! In leading a ritual, Anne has the rare ability to balance three attributes: to be centered in her own self, to intuit the needs of the participants and to guide the ritual forward.

In the tarot sessions I have done with Anne over the years, she creates an environment that is safe yet stimulating. As the participant, I am able to interpret the cards on my own with Anne offering suggestions when I am confused or confounded by a card. She seems to intuit just how deeply I want to enter into the meaning of a card. One of the most delightful parts of tarot sessions is Anne’s sense of humor. Any of us who are spiritual seekers can take ourselves too seriously. Anne’s sense of play adds to the fun of exploring the cards.”

Mary Samuels, retired Unitarian-Universalist minister


“Anne has exceptional character, insight and brings all of her life experience in the public and private sector to her sessions with me. I have found her to be as wise as a rabbi, priest or buddha and a trusted ally that I call upon when I need support and guidance that only Anne can provide in her Listening Place. She is a gift and blessing!”

Michelle Silverman, artist and former CEO, Gilda’s Club Twin Cities


“It was a delight to experience Anne’s intuitive and heartfelt tarot guidance, while exploring with creative discovery methods!  She provides a safe environment for self-growth and FUN.  I highly recommend it!”

Rachel Syverson, Spiritual Guide


“Anne helped me develop a House Blessing Ritual for a new home that was part of a new time in my life.  She was very helpful in helping me explore and discern what I wanted this ritual to represent and then was able to shape it into a ritual that spoke to the values and meaning that I wanted to express.  She attended to all the details that I may not have thought of and was a wonderful support during the ritual.  I am so grateful for her warm friendship and professional attention to my project.”

Barbara Belzer, retired social worker


“I had my very first Tarot session with Anne last summer.  It was so empowering and enlightening!  I really didn’t know anything about Tarot and found Anne’s explanations of the cards insightful and easy to understand.  The information gleaned from our hour together have really guided me through some challenging transitions this year.  I am so deeply grateful to Anne for offering her intuitive wisdom in this way.  Her compassionate listening and gentle humor made me feel very safe and supported in my healing journey. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is yearning for helpful insight and guidance.”

Karen Marie Christenson, teacher and spiritual director


“In circle, I found Anne to be very open and present. Her involvement is heartfelt and intuitive.”

Alice B., artist, life enrichment coordinator


“Anne has a uniquely present personality, conveyed through eye contact, interest, curiosity and a general positive demeanor. She exudes warmth and a very supportive, not overly- sympathetic, compassion. She imparts a sense of belief in a person’s strength. She is very non-judgmental. I recently received a tarot reading from Anne that was not only informative, it was fun. She engaged me in understanding the meanings of the symbols, and was very skilled at connecting the cards in an overarching picture that has continued to help me understand where I am now in my life, and how this period can be informed on all levels by what I discovered during the reading.”

Meg Masterson, writer, nanny, doula


“Of all the people I have worked with over the years in different capacities, Anne has proven herself to be a compassionate and empathetic listener.  Her ability to connect with her clients and their needs leads to consistently life-changing results.”

Leslie Shore, author, Listen to Succeed


“Anne Peek is an amazing and attentive guide.  I have enjoyed deep insight, wisdom and the positive energy to pursue those things that come to light during our sessions. She has a lightness of spirit, enjoys getting to know her clients, and is very present and attentive in her listening.  I found her style to be relaxing and easy, I felt like I was talking with an old friend.  I found my experience to be positive and uplifting.”

Denise Bunch, yoga instructor, Moon Lily Yoga

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Anne on the radio

Listen to me talk about "Graceful Eccentricity, Intuition and Tarot" on the radio (about 15 minutes).  Here is the link.  My portion begins about 33 minutes in.

Reflections and news

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