Policies and Expectations

My goal is to help you discern information that will be useful to you and serve your highest good.

Since I do not believe the future is fixed and I honor your free will, I will not use our sessions to make predictions, dire or otherwise, or answer “yes-no”  questions.  Because our goal is guidance on your current path, we will not work with questions about other people, except such questions as how others affect you and what actions you can take in response. Unless we arrange beforehand for a session together with another person, the session is about your life and your insights and actions.

Any information I provide is for broadening your perspective, for your consideration and evaluation; ultimately, you are solely responsible for any actions you take.

I will keep any information that arises in a tarot session confidential; I will not speak of it without your consent unless speaking is necessary to avoid serious harm to yourself or others.

I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist, or financial expert.  I will encourage you to seek professional assistance in those areas if necessary.

I welcome clients of all ages, genders, ability, ethnic heritage, spiritual path, and sexual preference and pledge to treat all clients with compassion.

Cancellation:  I expect that if you need to cancel your appointment you will give me at least 24 hours’ notice via email, text or phone call.  I will charge a $50 fee for missed appointments without 24 hours notice.

Anne has exceptional character, insight and brings all of her life experience in the public and private sector to her sessions with me. I have found her to be as wise as a rabbi, priest or buddha and a trusted ally that I call upon when I need support and guidance that only Anne can provide in her Listening Place. She is a gift and blessing!

Michelle Silverman, artist and former CEO, Gilda’s Club Twin Cities

What’s New?

Anne on the radio

Listen to me talk about "Graceful Eccentricity, Intuition and Tarot" on the radio (about 15 minutes).  Here is the link.  My portion begins about 33 minutes in.

Reflections and news

My reflections and news contain personal reflections, poems, photos, quotations, a bit of my artwork, links to things I love, and news and information about my intuitive guidance practice.


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Welcome to Whisperings

Whisperings Water Image“There is a place where words are born of silence,
A place where the whispers of the heart arise.”

— Rumi

I will ponder here what whispers to me in the silence.  I’d love for you to whisper back; maybe we will all get clearer—or maybe, like in the old kids’ game of “telephone” we will end up somewhere else entirely (which would be fun too)

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